Winter Season 2020

Welcome to the 2020 Hockey Season with Logan Hockey Club!

We are a fun, social, family club and welcome all new players. All experience levels welcome.
In 2020 we are looking to field both Women's and Men's teams, Seniors and Juniors. We offer teams in both Gold Coast Hockey and Redlands Hockey Competitions.

Start Dates:
Turf teams start Saturday 7th March on the Gold Coast.
Grass teams will start 4th April in Cleveland

Turf - Senior Women's Divisions 3 & 4
Turf- Social Mixed 6 a side (over 30s)

Grass- Women's

Grass- Men's

Grass- J1s (14-17yrs)

Grass - J2s (10-14yrs)

Grass - Under 10s (approximately 5-9yrs)

Grass - Rookies (new to hockey under 7s)

Payment plans and multiple payment options available.
Fees to be paid in full by 31 July 2020.
In addition to club fees, a separate fee required for Hockey Queensland/Hockey Australia (see below)
The HQ/HA fees are currently set as:
Senior Full Season Player - $128 (grass or turf)
Full time Student (18+) - $100
Senior Casual (10 games or less) - $107
Senior Social Member (Summer Comp only) - $65
Juniors - Under 17s - $72.50
Juniors Under 10s - $15

**Please note that Senior Grass and Senior Dual Fee are currently estimates and may be adjusted.
**Please note, that Senior (over 30s) Social Mixed Turf on Gold Coast is not a registered team and will cost $10 per game when you play.

New Player Singlet - $35 (returning club members needing to swap over $10)
New Player Skirt - $40 (returning club members needing to swap over $10)
New Player Shorts - $32
Socks - $10

Step 1: Complete Registration below
Step 2: Uniform Order- Sizing
Step 3: Hockey Queensland/Hockey Australia registration (Link coming soon)

Any issues with sign on or registration, please contact

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